USA, 2018; 94 min. R. Direction: Jeremiah Zagar; script: Daniel Kitrosser, Jeremiah Zagar.

Paps, who is Puerto Rican, and his Anglo wife Ma intertwine like young, inseparable, but stinging vines in their working-class marriage. Meanwhile their rambunctious kids, Manny, Joel and Jonah are largely left to raise themselves and sweat out their turbulent adolescence on their own. We witness the episodes of that coming-of-age, in a small fallen factory town in upstate New York, through the eyes of Jonah, the youngest and most sensitive of the brothers, who increasingly escapes the emotional explosions around him by creating intricate and fantastic drawings in a private sketchbook.


“A film that feels like something conjured out of memory and magic, a poetic, often ecstatic recreation of childhood that captures its ungovernable pleasures as vividly as its most threatening terrors” – Washington Post.

We The Animals isn’t the sort of film that much concerns itself with the more usual conventions of filmmaking, such as the passage of time or even plot itself. It’s more of a mood, punctuated by clear whacks of emotional trauma. It’s a little bit like watching a poem”- Austin Chronicle.

“Has an elemental quality that’s hugely endearing, using air and water and the deep, damp earth to fashion a dreamworld where big changes occur in small, sometimes symbolic ways”- NY Times.


Wednesday October 3 – 7:30PM;
Saturday October 6 – 7:30PM;
Sunday October 7 – 1, 2:55PM. NOTE: No show Tuesday October 2.

NOTE: The door to the Geography Library elevator will be open on Cinema 320 show nights from 6:45-7PM, and Sunday afternoons before the first matinee from 12:15PM-12:30PM.


$6.00 adults, $4.00 seniors, $3.00 Clark students, faculty and staff (with ID)